MuSe Content is a full-service agency for in-store multimedia.

We make your brand an audio and visual experience, from the conceptual stage through to implementation. We focus on the point of sale (POS), which we individually connect with the world of online media for you. Cost efficient, with more than ten years of experience.


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Music affects us in all kinds of situations – it can make us happy or sad and makes us dance, laugh or relax. It is actively involved in shaping our lives and our emotional state. The right selection of music determines whether we want to keep listening to it or turn it off. Our know-how, experience and opportunities enable MuSe Content to design the ideal musical framework for your purposes.

  • Standard channels (renown artists, royalties incurred)
  • Standard channels (pre-licensed, royalty-free)
  • Individually arranged music programmes
  • Arrangement and production of sound logos and music for advertisements and movies
  • Music backing for digital signage contents
  • Musical setting of digital contents (websites/presentations/videos)


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We know from experience that we, together with our professional partners for shop fitting, are excellently equipped for your POS design. Get up close and in touch with us! We would be pleased to provide you with information on the latest trends and materials.


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Our world is highly visual! More than 70% of the information we are confronted with is perceived visually. Expressive images, however, can do more than merely transport information – they can create specific moods and thus positive associations.. Graphical User Interfaces (GUI), webapps and multi-touch screens have become commonplace and it is hard to imagine the field of multimedia without them. For this, we are your contact – whether it comes to the preparation of concepts, screen design or programming. As a full-service agency, we naturally also provide you with high-quality support in the fields of visual effects, animation and post production as well as editing and converting.

  • Preparation of individual content
  • Animated images
  • Creation of storyboards
  • Transmission scheduling
  • Disposition
  • Music video clips
  • Production
  • Planning and operating of networks
  • Post production (editing)
  • Installation of networks
  • Speakers
  • Content management software
  • Animations made from your logo
  • Sound design for digital signage contents
  • Music (royalty-free and/or settlement if royalties incur)


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The world of marketing is changing constantly. We would be pleased to advise you and prepare your business for the challenges which new market segments and marketing tools carry with them. We have actively accompanied and implemented the marketing subject “Shopping Behaviour at the POS” for more than ten years.
Based on our knowledge, we develop solutions for you how to reach different customer groups through the use of multichannel marketing and to implement them with your team in-house. In doing so, we always keep in mind the consequent linking of all marketing segments according to uniform design principles and connect online and offline media in an innovative way. For your benefit, we also attach particular importance to the quick availability of our goods, reliable service and absolute flexibility.

  • Multisensory Marketing
  • In-store multimedia
  • Audio concepts
  • Visual concepts
  • Project management
  • In-house consulting


Together we create with our customers a workshop for the individual needing. Every second and fourth Thursday in the month.


Retail Analytics -
Smart Store 2.0

Donnerstag 08 March 2018


Audiophil -
Why not?

Donnerstag 15 March 2018


Innovation Lab -
A Brainstorming Session

Donnerstag 22 March 2018


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